Hello! My name is Steve Burgess, and I’m one of the world’s most experienced Hypnotherapists and regression specialists.

I decided to create this ‘blogpod’ site to help make Hypnotherapy and regression more accessible, and to give you all the information you need in a relaxed, informal way.

I do online Hypnotherapy, EFT and regression sessions with clients all around the world; if you’re interested in having therapy sessions with me send me an email for more info.

Check out my blog updates on all things therapy (click the tabs below), and also listen to the Podcasts you can stream from this site (click on the tabs below). You can subscribe to receive updates via email, for when I add a new blog or podcast.

You will also find links to my website (which has more information about all things therapy and about my Lionheart Training courses) and links to my YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to stream my FREE Hypno4all therapy recordings (recommended for everyone!).

I’m really excited to be able to share my 29 years of hypnotherapy experience, and to share passages from my second published book ‘The Power of Past Life Regression’, and also passages from the audio book version, which is available on Audible, Amazon, iTunes. If you’re interested in past life regression, join my Facebook group ‘The Power of Past Life Regression‘.

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So…I will be happy to answer any questions you have, please send them to hypnoblogpod@hotmail.com and I will answer them directly, and possibly feature them in the questions section of my podcast, to answer others who are asking similar questions.

Let’s go!

The Adventures of a Hypnotherapist…the HypnoBlog


Take some time out and listen to my amazing experiences from my 29 years’ as a therapist. Welcome to my fascinating world of hypnotherapy and past life regression!

Hypno4all Free Recordings

A series of FREE recordings which you can stream, designed to unlock the power of your sub-conscious mind to make positive changes in your life in an easy and gentle way.

Available purchases from Steve Burgess

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Discovering Your Past Lives


This contains two guided past life regression visualisations. They are not for therapy but simply a safe way of connecting back into some of your previous lives in order to see who you were, where you lived etc. Journey back into the past in a relaxed state and find information from your former incarnations, including karmic connections and significant experiences that have perhaps influenced your present life. The first regression track lasts for 38 minutes, the second for 34 minutes.
Famous Past Lives


This intriguing book is the story of some of Steve’s clients who in regression sessions appear to have been very famous historical characters in their previous lives. These famous past lives include Queen Elizabeth I, her elder sister Queen Mary, one of Jack the Ripper’s prostitute victims, Titus Oates from the Scott of the Antarctic Expedition and William Shakespeare.


Price includes UK postage

The Power of Past Life Regression


Hypnotherapist Steve Burgess has conducted many thousands of past life regression sessions and this book details some of the incredible healings his clients have experienced as a result of past life therapy.


Price includes UK postage

More titles available at the shop

Lionheart Training

Founded over twenty years ago by Steve Burgess, Lionheart Training is one of Europe’s leading therapy training organisations, running courses from the UK to Norway, with online training courses available.

Do you have questions about Hypnotherapy sessions, or training to become a therapist?

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